jQuery Plugins for Creating Blur Effects

The internet has loads of jQuery plugins to help to create the blurry effect that is so in style these days. However, it may be tough to choose which plugin is best suited for a particular website. Here are some of the best jQuery plugins available online which are lightweight and super easy to use.

1. Foggy

Foggy is one of the best plugins for creating a blur effect. It’s supported by all the major browsers that are available on the internet and can also be used manually to create the blurring effect.

2. BlurBox

Lightboxes are elements that blur the background so that the visitor can focus on the main object of the website. BlurBox is one of those lightboxes which does this and more. BlurBox can darken the background, lighting up the required region only.

3. Blur.js

Blur.js is a fun jQuery plugin which simply blurs out the background and highlights the important parts of the website. It also can create blurring elements over elements with the help of simple codes.

4. BlurryBackground

BlurryBackground helps in caching the blurred background, which helps to prevent CPU lagging. It also helps in auto blurring the background of a website, preventing the upload of large images, and saving bandwidth in the process. It’s easily integrated to any website and helps in the creation of blurred backgrounds with ease.

5. Blurry Menu

Blurry Menu is a content sensitive jQuery plugin for creating blur effects. It blurs out specific programmed contents like images, background images and texts and is added dynamically. Pre-existing scripts like Canvas and Superfast Blur are used to get the desired results.

6. Vague.js

Although experimental, Vague.js is a pretty awesome jQuery plug in for creating blurry effects. It usually uses CSS filters for blurring out all possible kinds of HTML documents. However if it detects the unavailability of CSS, it uses either Microsoft CSS or SVG filters to attain the desired results.

7. Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert, which is compatible with browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari, provides users with simple codes to partially or completely blur out images. The images can be brought back into focus by hovering the mouse over it and clicking. This helps to create a mysterious look for websites.

8. Hoverizr

Hoverizr is one of those jQuery plugins which not only aids in blurring the background but also allows grey scaling of the image or inversing the color of the image. The greatest advantage of this plugin is its size, which is just 2.5 KB. It is easily integrated with  websites and works smoothly with all leading browsers.

9. Blurr

Blurr is one of the easiest jQuery plugins to use and works perfectly with all browsers. It blurs out the background images of a website from any kind of image, size is not a factor.

10. StackBlur

StackBlur uses Canvas to provide users with the result they are aiming for. Easy to download and install, it was created by Mario Klingemann, Quasimondo. It blurs out chosen content and also allows complete blurring of background images.

11. Oblurlay

Released under MIT license, Oblurlay creates blurring effects just like those created by the iOS. It utilises SVG, CSS and jQuery to create the required blur, depending on the system that is being used. It works pretty smoothly with Chrome and Safari. The jQuery plugin is pretty easy to download and install too.

12. Crystal Gallery

The best part of Crystal Gallery is the fact that it is customizable on several levels which helps users to achieve exactly what they want. It provides a single gallery of solutions for all image problems. It also helps in resizing the image according to the screen size that is being worked on.


Four free online Java compilers

Java codes are one of the most popular methods of developing software. Multiple online java code compilers are available which help to edit, compile and even publish so that designers don’t  have to open an IDE every time they need to get a job done. Here are some of the best online compilers available for designers.

1. JDoodle 

Developers who are working exclusively with codes written in one of the java languages will find Jdoodle Online Java Compiler and Editor an immense help. This compiler allows designers to check and compile as well as save the java codes in its online data base so that they don’t have to install or open a separate IDE for the same purpose. The site is developing continuously, taking care of the small niches so that developers will be able to use it even more smoothly. It is also working towards the addition of more and more libraries to the already existing vast database.


2. Ideone

In addition to compiling java code, ideone.com also allows users to debug the same with great ease and comfort. It also has a very useful customer support system that will help with any problems. It supports more than 60 languages and is super easy to use. All developers need to do is enter the java code they have written and the work will be done in no time. The latest Sphere Engine technology that has been launched by the site also helps to execute the written codes in remote servers with great ease. It also allows developers to check out sample codes so they can get an idea about how it works.


3. CodeTwist

CodeTwist’s promotional line states that it is a “simple C, C++ and java interpreter and compiler” and the site truly lives up to that credo. This is one of those online code compilers that allows developers to compile written codes with ease. The site is depicted as a simple single page with two boxes. Choose the language of the code that you want to compile, i.e. C, C++ or java and enter your code in the adjoining box and it will be compiled. It also allows developers to write any kind of input that may be required with the written code and it immediately provides the results.


4. Browxy

Although only in its beta stage, browxy.com allows developers to compile Java codes online for free. It is made for individual use and is not meant for commercial purposes. The users are given the freedom of compiling as well as executing written codes online. This site is developing at a rapid rate for providing customers with a better user interface and compiling for commercial use. It is pretty simple to use and provides the developers with fast results. It allows users to save their project making it easy to edit or add at a later date. Users can also download the results and get an URL for the same.


5 Easy jQuery Scrolling Plugins for One Page Websites

As more and more people browse the web on their tablets and mobile devices, web design trends continue to point towards single-page parallax scrolling sites, which seamlessly create a positive user experiences no matter what the screen size. The easiest way to achieve this effect on your site is through the use of a jQuery plugin. In this list you’ll find some of the most developer-friendly parallax jQuery plugins available.

fullPage.js image002

Full page is probably one of the more popular parallax scrolling plugins — and for good reason. This plugin is incredibly easy to use, offers vertical and horizontal scrolling, and was created to work with responsive designs.

Animate Scroll


This plugin is as simple and lightweight as it gets while still including some customization options for scroll speed and scrolling style.



SMINT (an acronym for Sticky Menu Including Navigation Thingy) is a plugin that specializes in making the navigation process smooth for one page websites. Along with parallax scrolling, the plugin also includes a sticky navigation bar that stays fixed to the top of the screen.

Arbitrary Anchor 


Another simple, lightweight plugin will cleanly scroll to any arbitrary anchor on a page.



ScrollMe is a plugin that not only allows for parallax scrolling on your site, but also lets you play around with how some of the page elements appear during scrolling. With ScrollMe, you can scale, rotate, and even change the opacity of html elements, but don’t go too crazy — the more effects being used, the more likely it is that the page’s performance will suffer.

8 Awesome jQuery Image Rotation Plugins

E-Commerce Websites have become really popular with consumers who now don’t have to leave the house to shop. Using jQuery plugins to develop websites that can allow consumers to view every angle of a product can generate more business.

The plugins don’t require changes but if they are needed, there are suitable tutorials available to help with the process. JQuery plugins are very small in size so they don’t eat up lot of space. They are extremely fast and provide additional effects.

With so many jQuery available let’s discuss some of them which will help in displaying the 360 degree image view of the products.

1. jQuery Image Cube

This plugin will rotate the face if image as if it were on each side of the cube. Designers can choose the rotation, effects, links, 3D effects and various other options. In 3D effects, highlights and shadows are used to enhance the image. Designers can decide the time lag between each rotation and even kill the rotation.


2. Draggable 360 Degrees j360

This jQuery plugin is good for e-commerce websites that want to display a 3D image of the product. It is a touch-friendly plugin which will drag/swipe/rotate the 3D image.


3. 360 Slider

This plugin is highly customizable and displays the complete 360 degree image of the product. The features include smooth animation, it’s easy to integrate, no flash, various option parameters to customize the image and support for touch devices.


4. Flip

This jQuery plugin will flip the element in question in all four directions. Users can choose from left, right, bottom and top to flip the image. Designers can define the background color, direction, speed, Animation or finish and start of the flip.


5. Dopeless Rotate

This is jQuery plugin offers modern design and has the ability to use multiple instances on a single page.  There is also a preloader for zoomed images which shows the progress of image that is loading. It also offers support for touch devices and has configurable hotspots.


6. SpriteSpin

SpriteSpin is a JQuery plugin which will turn images into animations. It will take an array of images and then place them frame by frame like a flip book. This is highly customizable with power to control the entire animation.


7. Reel

This is a very simple JQuery for 360 degree object movement, panorama or animation. The animation can be rotation or any aerial motion. It is flash free and supports use by touch and by mouse. It is a well documented and transparent small code.

8. Ajax Zoom

This tool is perfect for e-commerce websites that want to allow customers to spin the product in 3D and Z axis.  The adoption of image tiles technology allows utilizing high resolution images without compression rates.

10 Very Useful jQuery Captcha Plugins

We’ve all come across Captcha programs or systems allow web developers to differentiate between the bots, malicious software and humans. Web developers often require the use of jQuery Captcha plugins while creating websites which require form submission. The following are some intriguing examples of Captcha plugins.

1. visualCaptcha

visualCaptcha is one of the most powerful Captcha plugins jQuery has available on the net. It is supported by various web languages like PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. In JavaScript, visualCaptcha can be used as a jQuery plugin or as an Angular JS directive. With supporting mobile and retina devices, this Captcha plugin specializes in simplicity along with security.


2. jQuery Simple Captcha

If you are worried about the various spambots on your computer then this Captcha will be of extra help to you. Just as the name, Simple Captcha helps in the simple and effective implementation and understanding of Captcha. It uses standard XHTML and CSS with just a nominal amount of setups.

3. QapTcha

If web designers are looking for a Captcha that won’t require any kind of text or number that requires to be typed in while the user is trying to unlock something, then QapTcha is the best choice. This plugin is compatible with the jQuery UI and just requires users to drag elements in the form in order to unlock them.

4. jQuery Fancy Draggable Captcha

In most cases the “Are You Human” test is usually comprises of a text or a number which comes in a hazy image and users have to enter the given image into a box in order to pass the test. Not with jQuery Fancy Draggable Captcha. This jQuery Captcha plugin allows users to pass the test by dragging various tiles given into an order.


5. S3 Captcha Plugin

Captchas are often provided to users in the form of barely readable images. This often leaves room for errors. S3 Captcha Plugin allows users to select the right kind of image which is provided in a good quality display.

6. jQuery Real Person

jQuery Real Person allows users to enable and disable a particular Captcha functionality as and when needed. It allows users to enter the text which is available in the form of dots and then the input is compared with that of the server to ensure that the user is  a “real person.”


7. EpicCaptcha

The plain old Captcha styles can be boring. For those who need to give a twist to their website, EpicCaptcha is a good choice. This new and advanced version of Captcha allows users to perform the same tasks as that of Captcha but at the same time it also allows them to customize it according to the look of their website for compatibility.


8. MotionCaptcha

For those who want to make their Captcha fun and user friendly, MotionCaptcha might be a great choise. It allows users to draw a particular sketch available on the board in order to submit a particular form. The shape that needs to be drawn appears on the canvas and all users have to do is follow it through.


9. Bootstrap Captcha

Bootstrap Captcha allows designers to use FontAwesome in order to customize their Captcha to make it stylish and chic. At the same time, it’s also user friendly.

10. Puzzle Captcha

Solving puzzles has always been fun for both adults and children. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a Captcha that  allowed users to solve some puzzles in order to pass the “Are You Human” test while submitting a form? Well, Puzzle Captcha will do exactly that. It is fun, interactive and easy to use.


These are the various kinds of jQuery Captcha plugins that are available on the net. While some are fairly common, others are really one of a kind and fun to use.

11 Free jQuery Rating Plugins

Developers who are working on a e-commerce platform or an app, know the importance of a rating system. These plugins will help designers to create a cool and customized rater for their page.

1. jRating

Available as a download package on GitHub, jRating comes with its own request handling PHP files. This is one chic Ajaxed star rating system creator which allows designers to customize the number of stars they want or whether to represent the stars in form of decimals. This jQuery plugin allows designers to replace the images with ease and is compatible with all scripting languages.

2. Rating.jQuery

Integrated with HTML5, rating.jQuery allows designers to create rating systems which are made with just a single line of JavaScript command. It comes with FontAwesome so that users can customize their rating system for better feedback from customers.


3. Star Rating

Although it’s a beta version, Star Rating is a jQuery plugin which will work for those without a lot of options.  All designers need to do is place the data as input and call in. However, those who choose this option need to use the call back option in case they want to store the votes in their database.

4. jQuery. WebRating

WebRaing is one feature-rich jQuery rating plugin which comes with CSS customizations, top tip, limiting clicks per users, hovering, smile faces, hearts and call back functions to save the votes.


5. Ratemate

Ratemate is a jQuery plugin which creates rating features on a website. The best part of Ratemate is the fact that the users get to control the ratings by the type or the number when it is used in an input as an element. If used on a meter, the ratings become read only. The plugin uses Raphael to draw the symbols.


6. Rating Plugin for Web2py

This jQuery rating plugin has been made by taking a preexisting Web2py plugin and fixing the errors. This has allowed the system to add more than one rating option on a single page along with other cool features.

7. jQuery Bar Rating Plugin

With a size as small as only 4 KB, jQuery Bar Rating Plugin is an awesome rating creator which converts a normal select box into a widget meant for rating. It can also be styled by CSS so that designers can get the desired look on the rater.


8. jRate

Apart from allowing designers to create a rating widget with simple steps and in no time, jRate also allows users to customize the start and end color of their rater, and the shape, height, width. It comes with many more features as well.


9. Rateit

Supported by RTL, ARIA and keyboard, Rateit is a jQuery rating plugin which helps to customize a rater with ease. It allows designers to add as many stars as they desire and is also touch supported.


10. jStarbox

A small yet effective jQuery plugin which is compatible mostly with already existing versions of CSS of Prototype Starbox, jStarbox allows designers to use few inline styling to customize their rater.


11. Fyneworks jQuery Star Rating

Creating an interface which is based on the standard element forms, Fyneworks jQuery Star Rating allows designers to use the standard version of the system even if the JavaScript has been disabled. Compatible with the latest jQuery versions, this rating plugin helps users to turn a bunch of radio boxes into rating widget.


Hopefully, these rating jQuery plugins will help designers to create a rater on their webpage with ease, and in no time, so that they  can get the feedback of customers easily while working on the betterment of a webpage or app.

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