7 Awesome JavaScript Libraries for Drawing

The uses of JavaScript are definitely countless when adding extended features in Web Browsers. JavaScript library is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript based-applications. It can be combined with CSS to create dynamic web pages as well. It’s a good alternative to Flash based websites. There are libraries for adding text animation, giving virtual effects on the webpage, adding shapes or elements and draw figures.

Libraries like Form simplify the task of writing simple form functions. Libraries like JSTweener, Facebook Animation, and FX are some of the libraries that can be used for CSS-based animation. With some changes developers can modify the UI for the web page. Date.js, Sylvester JavaScripts is used for string and maths functions, like tweaking the date. One of the more complex features of libraries is that they can be used for drawing. Let’s discuss some of the libraries that can be used to draw.

1. Joint.js

Joint.js is a programming language that can be used to create both static and interactive diagramming tools and application builders.  Some of the features of this are: Basic diagrams, zoom in/out, hierarchical diagrams, customizable links, interactive elements and links, touch support and ready-to-use common diagrams,


2. Mxgraph

This JavaScript diagramming component is responsive and works on almost all browsers. The Mxgraph package contains client software with a series of instructions in various languages. It provides a single and complete API which allows the creation of consistent applications in almost all environments. It is fully documented with a series of examples and in-depth articles to explain everything.

3. Go.js

This is also a feature rich JavaScript Library which allows the creation of complex diagrams with Nodes, Links or Groups through various templates and layouts. It offers features like drag-and-drop, copy and paste, transactional state and undo managements, palettes, overview, data-bound models or event handlers. It has an extensive tool system for operating various custom works.


4. Raphael

Raphael is a small JavaScript library used to draw vector graphs or specific charts easily. It uses SVG W3C recommendation and VML base for creating graphics. Any object created becomes a DOM object which allows developers to add event handlers and modify them. The images are responsive and cross-browser compatible. Developers can play wt colors and images to draw graphs.

5. Draw2D

It is a HTML5 JavaScript Library for visualization and interaction with diagrams. It also creates cross-platform diagram applications using a browser and a API. It is highly responsive and carefully optimized to deliver a wide range of experience on various devices, OS and browsers.


6. Fabric.js

This library is a powerful HTML5 canvas library which allows drawing complex shapes or gradients. Developers can create and populate objects on canvas, like geometrical shapes or images and pictures.  It offers built-in animation or adds text to images in different shape, colors and fonts.


7. Paper.js

Paaper.js is a simple open source vector graphics scripting framework. It provides Document Object Model or Scene Graphs which are very easy to work. After creating an object developers can populate it with layers, groups, paths and more and play with the data.


14 Useful jQuery Plugins for Creating Sticky Elements

Sticky elements are a fun way of improving the navigation and display ads on a web page. The sticky elements and headers make it easy to reach the menu without having to scroll to it every time. These sticky elements can be created on a web page with the help of CSS but the process is lengthy, complicated and time consuming; on top of that it doesn’t work well with multiple browsers. Hence using jQuery to create the sticky elements is a far safer option. This article deals with some of the easiest jQuery plugins for creating sticky elements.

1. ScrollNavijs

This jQuery plugin helps with fixing the menu on top of the page once a reader has scrolled on to the second section of the page. It also helps to keep the menu fixed on the bottom of the page while readers  are on the first page.


2. Fixto

Fixto is a jQuery plugin which is used for sticky positioning. It helps in creating sticky elements which can be started, stopped or destroyed and is responsive to the viewport height. It can fix the containers to viewport and handle multiple instances.


3. Headhesive.js

Headhesive.js is a no dependency JavaScript plugin which creates sticky elements as and where required. All you need to do is specify the position of the header and it simply appears there.


4. hcSticky

This jQuery plugin is especially helpful in case of long pages as it creates floating elements. The floating elements ensure that it is always available to the visitors of the page. It also creates floating top menus, prioritizing it to the user.


5. jQuery Stick’em

A very useful and easy to use plugin, jQuery Stick’em helps in making elements sticky when reaching a certain point while scrolling.


6. Scroll Magic

Scroll Magic helps in converting the scroll bar into a progress bar. It helps in fixing an animation to a particular scrolling point, by syncing it with the scroll bar. It also adds parallax effect to the website which helps in delivering a function when users hit a particular scroll position.


7. Sticky Kit

Sticky Kit is a smart and easy to use jQuery plugin which creates sticky elements that are always visible to the page viewer.


8. Auto Fix Anything

When fixed with a certain JS command, Auto Fix Anything helps to fix or unfix an element automatically on the given web page. It allows any container to be fixed cardinally.


9. Sticky Navbar.js

Sticky Navbar.js is a jQuery plugin which not only allows users to fix a header on top of the page while scrolling but also helps in making the sticky elements interesting by addition of preferable jQuery effects or animations from Animate.css library.


10. Smint

Made of mainly two components, Smint helps in keeping the navigation bar on top of the page while scrolling and a menu bar which navigates you to the region of the page clicked. It allows users to move about a web page like a single page website. Simple to implement and easy to use.


11. Position Sticky

Position Sticky is a jQuery plugin that allows users to keep an element fixed or moving relative to the viewport appearance resulting in the formation of sticky elements as and when required while scrolling.


12. Stickyjs

If you’re trying to keep your element always visible on the page, Stickyjs is the jQuery plugin for you. It allows users to produce a sticky element which will always stay with the viewer.


13. jQuery Sticky Alert

Available with a MIT license and free of cost to be used on personal and official websites, JQuery Sticky is a minimalist plugin which allows users to fix the header to a web page.


14. StickUp

This is one of the easiest jQuery plugins which creates sticky elements for the top of the page when scrolled across a certain point and will come back to the original position when scrolled back.


We’ve tried to provide you with the best jQuery plugins available. Hope these plugins will help you to create sticky elements easily on your page.

Latest Free jQuery Plugins

Web developers have become more resourceful and work faster with jQuery which are simple to use instruments. These jQuery are simple to use and are a no fuss instruments. Since they are written in open source code, they are free and come with tutorials. jQuery are simple Java script libraries written to simply tasks by keeping the web page light and attractive. They come in all forms, from text size to different fonts, animation, creating different borders and giving audio and video files on the web page.

Here are some of the latest jQuery Plugins.

1. Bootstrap News Box

This is a jQuery and Bootstrap 3 based plugin designed to ease scrolling of a page up and down. It creates a clean responsive news ticker/slider to vertically scroll the HTML content with autoplay and up/down navigation support.


2. Date Range picker

This jQuery plugin will allow users to select a date range. It is fully CSS styled and supports all the major browsers easily with different languages.


3. Hero Slider

It is very common for web designers to give details about a company or data on a slide on the intro page. Hero Slider is a ready to use jQuery Slider with built in options like video background, text alignment or image display.


4. Overlapping letters

Overlapping letters adds span tags to letters using a java script. It is very small code and thus easy to place in mother code.


5. Wipe Slider

Wipe Slider is a jQuery plugin that creates a moving rotating slider with wipe effect using a background cover and putting it in center. You can mention the animation duration and the mode.


6. jQuery Chat

It is a jQuery plugin to add a chat module on your web page. It will create a realtime chat box just like gtalk or facebook chat.


7. jQuery Image Player

It is a plugin that will create an image based player with absolute feel of video player. It has an option of applying slide effect. You can also specify if once the images are finished then restart it.


8. jQMeter

It is a simple method to display the progress meter in any direction you would want. It could be horizontal or vertical. Just pass in the goal and amount raised or completed and the rest is all optional.


8 Useful JavaScript Libraries to Build Interactive Charts

Presentations often involve a lot of data which needs to be conveyed to clients. But making others understand raw data might be a tad bit difficult as not everyone has the same understanding of data. One of the easiest ways to deal with this problem is to make them understand data with the help of charts.  JavaScript makes charts interesting by allowing users to add animations. With the help of JavaScript designers can now make charts interactive and playful. We’ve tried to gather some of the best JavaScript libraries to build interactive charts to make the job even easier for designers.

1. Chartist.js

Chartist JS is one of the most interesting JavaScript chart libraries available. Chartist JS uses SVG for the formation of the interactive charts. Apart from being interactive, another interesting feature of this library is its flexibility created by the use of CSS and JavaScript for styling and controlling. It offers users loads of animation options via the Chartist Animation API and SMIL and also allows easy customization with the help of SASS files.


2. Peity

Peity is an excellent jQuery plugin which allows the insertion of mini charts into the web page a designer creates. Whether it’s a line, bar, donut or pie chart, all a designer needs to do is create the element and specify the value and Peity will convert it into the desired chart. Initially the charts are available in small sizes, but now they can be customized to get the desired length, breadth and width. It also gives an option to play with the colors on the chart.

3. DC.js

As DC JS uses D3 libraries to create charts, so it allows designers to create charts which have the option of interacting with an audience. It is useful for creating charts for both desktop and mobile browsers. Whether it’s a simple or highly complex chart, DC JS does it with ultimate ease.


4. Chart.js

Charts.js allows the formation of various types of charts including line, donut, pie to bar, radar and polar area charts. Easy customization of size and color of the charts allows designers to make charts which suit their needs. The charts are also responsive and the library allows designers to use exactly the chart they need which prevents the clogging of a site with unnecessary charts.


5. C3.js

C3.js is based on D3.js libraries and has all the codes included so designers can just put the data in and there’s no need to write the codes. The various API s of C3 JS allow for easy customization of the charts which range from line charts to gauge charts. It uses CSS which allows designers to make their own customized charts.  All designers need to do is insert the specifications.


6. NVD3

This library built on D3 JS, NVD3 allows the reuse of charts. The library is composed of a set of templates which makes building charts whole lot easier.


7. Flot

This jQuery plugin comes with various kinds of charts which works well with HTML canvases. Flot allows panning and zooming, data point interaction and allows the switching on and off of certain aspects among others. There are also some plugins which designers can use at their convenience.


8. EChart

EChart is a JavaScript chart library which allows plotting of as many as 200,000 points. It allows easy extraction, integration and exchanging of data among various charts.


We hope these JavaScript libraries for making charts is a help. Among the huge array of JavaScript chart libraries, we’ve picked the best ones available to allow users to design with ease.

8 Awesome jQuery Zoom Plugins

When it comes to creating a portfolio or a business website that sells products, one of the important features required is zooming. Zooming to enlarge the product or image that has been shared on a site for better viewing by the customers. JQuery plugins provides the perfect application for zooming on websites. However, there are plenty of jQuery zoom plugins available in the market. Here are some of the best.

1. jmFullWall

This jQuery plugin helps in creating amazing portfolios which are in the form of puzzles or a collage. When users select a particular work, they can zoom in and zoom out as they please.


2. jQuery Gantt Chart

Using AJAX, jQuery Gantt Chart retrieves JSON data and forms Gantt Charts which helps users zoom in on a particular portion of the website.

3. Panzoom

Just like the name, Panzoom is one of those jQuery plugins which allows panning and zooming of selected objects or images. It is not rigid about the height and width but uses CSS transformation and matrix function to regulate the same and not only with images but also with videos, canvas and texts.


4. Smooth Products

Offering features like varying icon sizes, different image heights, lightweight framework, responsive image sizes and current thumbnail indicator, Smoothproducts is an easy to use image viewer which offers zooming effects.


5. EasyZoom

Adaptable with CSS and also supported on touch enabled devices, EasyZoom is a zooming and panning jQuery plugin which is easy to use and creates elegant images at the same time.


6. Snipe

Just as the name suggests, Snipe is jQuery plugin which allows users to magnify and view images just like the snipers do. The magnifier follows the movement of the mouse to zoom on the image or parts of it.


7. elevateZoom

ElevateZoom is a jQuery-based plugin THAT allows various kinds of zooming like window zooming, lens zooming and inner zooming facilities. It also allows tinting.


8. mlens

Offering various shaped and sized magnifying glasses, mlens is one of those jQuery plugins which makes the screation of magnifying glass applications super easy.


These are some of the best zooming plugins available. Let us know about more such jQuery plugins available by commenting.


15 Latest jQuery Media Plugins

Website technology has experienced a boom over the last five years with major enhancements including tools like jQuery which make web design easier with Plugins. Here are 15 jQuery plugins worth noting:

1. Bootstrap Video Player jQuery Plugin

This is a HTML5 video player which allows customization. It includes auto play options along with play and pause buttons, video tagging, hiding the control panel, timer, progress and volume bar. It’s customizable via CSS.


2. Yunero – jQuery Plugin for Displaying YouTube Video Feed

When it comes to displaying video feed for YouTube, Yunero tops the list. It plays the recent updates and allows a subscription box to attract more customers.

3. VenoBox

What sets VenoBox apart from other plugins is the fact that it calculates the max width of displayed images to keep track of their original size. It will work for images and videos.


4. PrettyPhoto – jQuery Lightbox Clone

An API which can be launched from anywhere, PrettyPhotos is a full-blown lightbox which plays videos and supports Ajax and YouTube along with images.


5. Youmax

Youmax is a plugin which allows designers to play and customize YouTube videos on their websites. It shows the latest updates for personal YouTube channels and allows designers to specify certain playlists.


6. OKVideo – jQuery Plugin for Full screen Background Videos

OKVideo allows designers to utilize YouTube and Vimeo videos as backgrounds on websites. It can be customized and helps in managing the videos according to needs and criteria like bandwidth, browser etc.


7. jPlayer – HTML5 Audio/Video for jQuery

A free plugin which allows designers to include audio and video feeds on their websites within minutes. It works on a JavaScript enabled media library.


8. YoxView – jQuery Image Viewer Plugin

This Plugin supports online content, images, videos and iframes. YoxView is Flash content supported and is similar to LightBox.  Those who are looking for something with a lot of features, YoxView is definitely one of the options with a variety of choices.


9. Socialist

Socialist brings together all the major social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and more and allows designers to create a wall of all of their favorite social websites.


10. Jqx Media Slider

When simplicity and functionality is the hallmark of Jqx. It’s a jQuery media slider which will allow designers to customize according to their needs.


11. jQuery Webcam Plugin

This wrapper plugin allows to connect various cameras with the help of JavaScript. The plugin provides a transparent layer for communication.


12. Ion.Sound

When it comes to rocking an event, music is a must and interesting sounds can add fun. Ion.Sound allows designers to play more than a dozen free sounds in a cross-browser platform. It’s a free jQuery plugin frequently used for playing sounds at events.


These are probably the most helpful jQuery media plugins available on the internet. Feel free to comment and let us know your favorite plugin. Also don’t forget to mention any other major plugin that we might have missed.

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