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A new feature has been implemented; all jQuery code snippets we post will now be linked to the appropriate part of the documentation. So, for example, when we post:

  1. $('').find('a').hide().end();

You can click on the function names "find," "hide" and "end" for more information on the functions. These definitions are culled from the same XML file that powers the official API documentation.

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  1. This is so cool! Thanks, Jonathan!

  2. This is an awesome re-mix of the documentation - great job guys!

  3. John Wright

    How did you all pull that off? Anything that is generally usable?

  4. sam

    how to I put Show and Hide code basic together? So confuse :(

  5. Chris

    Can you put a demo usage please?

  6. Muhammed

    Can Any body give me full tutorial of Jqery, Jscript, and Joomla... plz give me the link on my mail add.... [email protected]

  7. The link, "the official API documentation", is dead.

  8. Randy

    Getting 404 Not Found on the API docs stylesheet

  9. Randy


    Your docs.php is sending back ugly looking pages, it looks like has made changes to their sites API documentation structure and your php is serving back invalid src and href attributes in the <link> and <script> elements.

    Otherwise I'm digging all this, thanks!

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