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Questions and Answers from the List

I’ve been feeling guilty lately about my lack of posts to this blog. But when I looked at my profile for the jQuery Google Group and discovered that for the past six months I’ve posted an average of 100+ times each month, well, I decided to give myself a break. Since I’m sure some people who stumble upon this blog aren’t subscribed to the Google group/mailing list, here are a few (edited) questions that have appeared there recently, along with my (edited) answers. I hope some of you find them helpful.

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Managing the creative process behind a jQuery plugin

An excellent post by Mike Alsup described a plugin development pattern that has served him quite well over time. I have used BlockUI (an Alsup creation) on several projects, and it is readily apparent that Mike knows his stuff. The one thing I have always enjoyed and appreciated most about this particular plugin, however, is the simplicity of the implementation. You could argue that this was a creative decision, having little to do with the actual development. I will not speak for Mike, but for me the degree of simplicity is indeed one of the many creative decisions that I make every time I develop a jQuery plugin. Read the rest of this entry »