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Spring 2010 jQuery Conference: San Francisco Bay Area

Since the fall of 2007, jQuery developers around the world have been making an annual pilgrimage to Boston, Massachusetts, to meet jQuery team members, JavaScript luminaries, and other jQuery developers at the official jQuery Conference. This spring, in response to growing demand, the jQuery Project is offering its first-ever official jQuery conference on the U.S west coast. The conference will take place April 24–25 in Mountain View, California, and will include top-notch presentations from the jQuery team, as well as other web development and performance experts. Additionally, the conference will be preceded by a one-day intensive jQuery training course in downtown San Francisco, led by appendTo a leading jQuery training and consulting company.

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Detecting Ajax Events on the Server

When working with an Ajax-enhanced website, it’s generally a good idea to provide a regular request fallback for any core functionality of the site. When you work to ensure that a fallback is in place, you will be faced with determining when a particular request is an Ajax request or just a normal page request. In most situations, it’s considered a best practice to build your site without Ajax first, adding the Ajax functionality afterward so the fallbacks are in place from the beginning.

Fortunately, jQuery makes it super easy to differentiate the Ajax requests from normal page views.

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Using Delegate and Undelegate in jQuery 1.4.2

As some of you have heard, there have been two new methods added in jQuery 1.4.2, .delegate() and .undelegate(). These methods achieve the same thing as the .live() and .die() methods, they just use a different syntax. For those new to .live(), it’s a method in jQuery that allows you to attach events to elements that appear in the document as well as elements that will appear in the future. An example would be if you attached a click event via .live():

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