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Great Ways to Learn jQuery

These jQuery resources will set you on the path towards mastering jQuery.

Written Articles

  • Getting Started with jQuery – this is the official jQuery getting started guide.
  • jQuery for JavaScript Programmers – Simon Willison (creator of django) gives you an introduction to jQuery for people who already understand JavaScript.
  • jQuery Crash Course – Nathan Smith gives a quick introduction to jQuery on Digital Web Magazine.
  • Introduction to jQuery – Rick Strahl, well-known for his work developing with Microsoft technologies, gives his introduction to jQuery with part two covering using jQuery with ASP.NET.


  • jQuery Fundamentals – open-source e-book written by Rebecca Murphey in collaboration with other well-known members of the jQuery community.
  • jQuery Enlightenment – Cody Lindley’s e-book covers advanced topics on jQuery with links to working code examples in jsbin.

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