14 Useful jQuery Plugins for Creating Sticky Elements

Sticky elements are a fun way of improving the navigation and display ads on a web page. The sticky elements and headers make it easy to reach the menu without having to scroll to it every time. These sticky elements can be created on a web page with the help of CSS but the process is lengthy, complicated and time consuming; on top of that it doesn’t work well with multiple browsers. Hence using jQuery to create the sticky elements is a far safer option. This article deals with some of the easiest jQuery plugins for creating sticky elements.

1. ScrollNavijs

This jQuery plugin helps with fixing the menu on top of the page once a reader has scrolled on to the second section of the page. It also helps to keep the menu fixed on the bottom of the page while readers  are on the first page.


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2. Fixto

Fixto is a jQuery plugin which is used for sticky positioning. It helps in creating sticky elements which can be started, stopped or destroyed and is responsive to the viewport height. It can fix the containers to viewport and handle multiple instances.


3. Headhesive.js

Headhesive.js is a no dependency JavaScript plugin which creates sticky elements as and where required. All you need to do is specify the position of the header and it simply appears there.


4. hcSticky

This jQuery plugin is especially helpful in case of long pages as it creates floating elements. The floating elements ensure that it is always available to the visitors of the page. It also creates floating top menus, prioritizing it to the user.


5. jQuery Stick’em

A very useful and easy to use plugin, jQuery Stick’em helps in making elements sticky when reaching a certain point while scrolling.


6. Scroll Magic

Scroll Magic helps in converting the scroll bar into a progress bar. It helps in fixing an animation to a particular scrolling point, by syncing it with the scroll bar. It also adds parallax effect to the website which helps in delivering a function when users hit a particular scroll position.


7. Sticky Kit

Sticky Kit is a smart and easy to use jQuery plugin which creates sticky elements that are always visible to the page viewer.


8. Auto Fix Anything

When fixed with a certain JS command, Auto Fix Anything helps to fix or unfix an element automatically on the given web page. It allows any container to be fixed cardinally.


9. Sticky Navbar.js

Sticky Navbar.js is a jQuery plugin which not only allows users to fix a header on top of the page while scrolling but also helps in making the sticky elements interesting by addition of preferable jQuery effects or animations from Animate.css library.


10. Smint

Made of mainly two components, Smint helps in keeping the navigation bar on top of the page while scrolling and a menu bar which navigates you to the region of the page clicked. It allows users to move about a web page like a single page website. Simple to implement and easy to use.


11. Position Sticky

Position Sticky is a jQuery plugin that allows users to keep an element fixed or moving relative to the viewport appearance resulting in the formation of sticky elements as and when required while scrolling.


12. Stickyjs

If you’re trying to keep your element always visible on the page, Stickyjs is the jQuery plugin for you. It allows users to produce a sticky element which will always stay with the viewer.


13. jQuery Sticky Alert

Available with a MIT license and free of cost to be used on personal and official websites, JQuery Sticky is a minimalist plugin which allows users to fix the header to a web page.


14. StickUp

This is one of the easiest jQuery plugins which creates sticky elements for the top of the page when scrolled across a certain point and will come back to the original position when scrolled back.


We’ve tried to provide you with the best jQuery plugins available. Hope these plugins will help you to create sticky elements easily on your page.

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