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Four free online Java compilers

Java codes are one of the most popular methods of developing software. Multiple online java code compilers are available which help to edit, compile and even publish so that designers don’t  have to open an IDE every time they need to get a job done. Here are some of the best online compilers available for designers.

1. JDoodle 

Developers who are working exclusively with codes written in one of the java languages will find Jdoodle Online Java Compiler and Editor an immense help. This compiler allows designers to check and compile as well as save the java codes in its online data base so that they don’t have to install or open a separate IDE for the same purpose. The site is developing continuously, taking care of the small niches so that developers will be able to use it even more smoothly. It is also working towards the addition of more and more libraries to the already existing vast database.


2. Ideone

In addition to compiling java code, also allows users to debug the same with great ease and comfort. It also has a very useful customer support system that will help with any problems. It supports more than 60 languages and is super easy to use. All developers need to do is enter the java code they have written and the work will be done in no time. The latest Sphere Engine technology that has been launched by the site also helps to execute the written codes in remote servers with great ease. It also allows developers to check out sample codes so they can get an idea about how it works.


3. CodeTwist

CodeTwist’s promotional line states that it is a “simple C, C++ and java interpreter and compiler” and the site truly lives up to that credo. This is one of those online code compilers that allows developers to compile written codes with ease. The site is depicted as a simple single page with two boxes. Choose the language of the code that you want to compile, i.e. C, C++ or java and enter your code in the adjoining box and it will be compiled. It also allows developers to write any kind of input that may be required with the written code and it immediately provides the results.


4. Browxy

Although only in its beta stage, allows developers to compile Java codes online for free. It is made for individual use and is not meant for commercial purposes. The users are given the freedom of compiling as well as executing written codes online. This site is developing at a rapid rate for providing customers with a better user interface and compiling for commercial use. It is pretty simple to use and provides the developers with fast results. It allows users to save their project making it easy to edit or add at a later date. Users can also download the results and get an URL for the same.


5 Easy jQuery Scrolling Plugins for One Page Websites

As more and more people browse the web on their tablets and mobile devices, web design trends continue to point towards single-page parallax scrolling sites, which seamlessly create a positive user experiences no matter what the screen size. The easiest way to achieve this effect on your site is through the use of a jQuery plugin. In this list you’ll find some of the most developer-friendly parallax jQuery plugins available.

fullPage.js image002

Full page is probably one of the more popular parallax scrolling plugins — and for good reason. This plugin is incredibly easy to use, offers vertical and horizontal scrolling, and was created to work with responsive designs.

Animate Scroll


This plugin is as simple and lightweight as it gets while still including some customization options for scroll speed and scrolling style.



SMINT (an acronym for Sticky Menu Including Navigation Thingy) is a plugin that specializes in making the navigation process smooth for one page websites. Along with parallax scrolling, the plugin also includes a sticky navigation bar that stays fixed to the top of the screen.

Arbitrary Anchor 


Another simple, lightweight plugin will cleanly scroll to any arbitrary anchor on a page.



ScrollMe is a plugin that not only allows for parallax scrolling on your site, but also lets you play around with how some of the page elements appear during scrolling. With ScrollMe, you can scale, rotate, and even change the opacity of html elements, but don’t go too crazy — the more effects being used, the more likely it is that the page’s performance will suffer.