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10 Responsive jQuery UI Snippets

jQuery has gained immense popularity due to its simplicity in designing websites and a number of other benefits and features. jQuery turned out to be a blessing because it saves designers time in not having to rewrite codes for every screen. Here are some of the top fresh, simple and beautifully responsive jQuery UI snippets: […]

jQuery UK 2015 is Almost Here

jQuery UK is back in March (March 6th to be exact) this year with a great line up of speakers.   Just in case you were interested in attending, we thought we would give you a quick breakdown of some of the speakers and what you can expect.  If you don't feel like ponying up […]

6 Latest Free jQuery Ebooks

Ever since jQuery libraries have been launched, front-end web development has changed. Websites are now more user-friendly, and with more features than every before. jQuery along with CSS has brought a revolution in website development, and it should continue for years to come.  There are header effects, grid variations, displaying animations, fade-in effects and various […]

5 Reasons to Use jQuery

JavaScript and jQuery usage are always up for discussion. Let’s start with basics of of the two and why jQuery might be a better option. JavaScript is a raw programming language which has been used for a long time by professional IT programmers. It allows the client-side to interact with the user, alter the document […]

Top 10 Best jQuery Image Slider Plugins

jQuery plugins are becoming more and more useful with their superb features. Most of the plugins are available for free and tutorials are available to learn more about them. Websites are presentations of images to tell a story and to add to this it is very important to display images slideshow or gallery in CSS3. […]

Latest jQuery Plugins to Use in WordPress

jQuery are meant for reducing the time of web designing and giving more output. They are simple, concise and fast Java scripts to handle all work on website development. You can add various features and attributes on the page using various small jQuery. There is a whole huge group of developers which keep coming up […]