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jQuery validation using class “.required” problem – Question from blog reader

Read How to Validate email address using jQuery Well, 5 days back I received an mail from one of my reader, in which he had written that "I need to validation html page using Jquery by looping through Class attributes ["Class=Required"] if the label attribute contain "required" class then i should validate the alert the […]
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jQuery.holdReady() New in jQuery 1.6

With Release of jQuery 1.6, jQuery team has released a new method "jQuery.holdReady(hold)". This method allows to delay the execution of document.ready() event. document.ready() event is called as soon as your DOM is ready but sometimes there is a situation when you want to load additional JavaScript or some plugins which you have referenced. In […]
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What’s new in jQuery 1.6

Well, jQuery 1.6 is now live and available for consumption! You can get the code from the jQuery CDN: You can also get the code from other CDNs as well: Microsoft: (Google is still uploading their copy.) Read "How to always reference latest version of jQuery". Along with some bug fixes, some new […]
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