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As many of you have discovered by now, jquery.com and its subdomains have been offline intermittently over the past several weeks. On behalf of the jQuery Project Team, I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

John Resig is aware of the problem and is working with the hosting company to get things resolved as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Remy Sharp, who runs jQuery for Designers, has graciously provided a few alternatives for API documentation:

He also has the raw XML file of the jQuery documentation in an SVN repository hosted at googlecode.com.

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Jörn Zaefferer also has a jQuery API Browser that lets you browse by category as well as alphabetically. Also, it can be downloaded as a zip file.

Many thanks to Remy and Jörn for these great resources.

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  1. Victor

    is there something similar for jQuery UI ? i just started using it last week and love it, but the outage is sort of killing my interest.

  2. Byron

    Great to see visual jQuery has been updated, however I’m still surprised no one has mentioned Google’s cache… :-)

  3. Cloudream

    @Byron: Google Cache is blocked in many (developing) countries since their Internet censorship.

    (For example, China)


  4. Thomas

    The AIR app isn’t very useful–it’s just a search field and some very abbreviated API docs. Visual JQuery might be useful for some people, but again, the documentation seems like only a tiny subset of the info at the offical docs site; and those gradient rounded rectangles are sort of ugly–not too easy to read. Zaefferer’s API browser seems great, maybe even better than the official docs, but the downloadable version seems to grind Firefox to a total halt.

  5. Ivan

    That mirror is exactly what I needed. Bookmarking and thanks.

  6. Hello,

    This is pretty useful too: http://www.gotapi.com/jquery

    Speedy and has lots of APIs

  7. Sam Hill

    Does anyone know who runs http://visualjquery.com/ ?

    It’d be great if he or she could update, or point to http://remysharp.com/visual-jquery/ instead.

  8. jdc

    The server issues that seem to plaque jquery almost made me give up. Thank you for the alternatives. I’ll give it another try.

  9. It’s not quite done, but I’ve started building a Dashboard widget that gives offline access to the docs: http://code.google.com/p/jquery-reference/

    You might find it useful if you’re tired of crossing your fingers that docs.jquery.com is up.

  10. Michael Noga

    How about adding Google Gears to the Docs site. Offline browsing would be exactly what is needed. I would be happy to volunteer to help out with it.

  11. jon

    is it for vista or mac os?

  12. Just thought I would note that if you’re here for the Air App, you should get the latest version from http://api.jquery.com/ Many thanks for Remy for putting this together.

  13. aFj

    I guess you guys would probably know this by now but what the hey……..I found some cool stuff over here http://docs.jquery.com/Alternative_Resources

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