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Re-posted from Rey Bango’s blog.

As many of you have seen by now, the jQuery Project’s site has been redesigned. It had been a long overdue task and it was important to put a fresh new spin on the main hub, and the face, of jQuery. One of the things about the jQuery Project is that we’ve never run with the crowd or accepted the norm. By pushing boundaries and sometimes being “in your face,” we’ve not only grown tremendously in popularity but we’ve pushed most of the other JS library projects to rethink their own principles and make changes to improve their products. That’s a good thing for everyone as competition is always good.

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So, it should come as no surprise by the drastic change in the jQuery website. So far, the single biggest complaint has been associated with the new banner (ie: rockstar caricature & slogan). Again, we wanted to push the boundaries and come up with something that would generate a lot of buzz. Overall, we’ve succeeded in that goal with plenty of positive feedback, but unfortunately, with some very negative comments as well. We actually value both types of feedback and want more as it’s the only way to determine if we’re on the right track. As with any site redesign, you can’t please everyone and we understand that. But we also want everyone to realize that this is a first cut and it doesn’t mean that it can’t be tweaked.

We’re actively reviewing all of the feedback and will certainly be looking at how to best handle some of the concerns of the community. After all, the community is what makes the jQuery Project so special and so different from other projects. In addition, the jQuery team has always listened to the needs of the community and this time is no exception. Again, I think the team is unique in that we *DO LISTEN* to the community and we’re going to work on making the site an invaluable tool for everyone. So just give us some time to go through the messages and keep an eye on this blog for updates.

Thanks for your patience and we truly appreciate your feedback.

— Rey Bango

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  1. Bohdan Ganicky

    Hi guys,
    the redesign is awesome and the Rock star banner is the best. I would definitely keep it :) Just one detail I would change is the “who’s using jquery” thing. It kind of disturbs me as it is and ruins the banner experience. What about moving it somewhere else or make it an “on-demand” component: when I click the “Who’s using jQuery” then the bar slidesDown/fadesIn/showsUp or whatever.

    Anyway, good job! Thank you for this.

  2. It looks nice but it was easier to read before. Maybe some skins could be added so a minimalist version could be used by those who just visit to read.

  3. Ignite

    As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that said, here are some of my initial impressions on the new design.

    1) Still love the logo type which debuted on the ui site.
    2) Background Gradients look poor to me.
    3) Banner overall seems too Guitar Hero-ish.
    4) I like that the homepage highlights the big names that use jQuery.
    5) I like how it’s easy to see what’s the current release version.
    5) In the primary nav… About and Donate links don’t highlight.
    6) The secondary nav doesn’t show a clear highlight to indicate where you are.
    7) Overall feel isn’t professional.

    Personally I think the focus should not have been on flashiness to generate buzz but more on showing off the tools in the library and an innovative way to organize the site via solid and simple design. Simplicity and speed is what I love about jQuery but the site doesn’t reflect that to me quite yet.

  4. Julian

    Hey, we are on the web!
    There is not a single link in the article. A link to the jQuery website would have been more than convenient.

  5. Wow. It’s amazing that what is the most elegant and efficient javascript library is getting this as it’s homepage. I’m sorry, but it’s really disheartening. There are so many things wrong that I’m not sure where to start.

    I’ll just start listing I guess
    * Rockstar banner is utterly retarded. It’s like you have no understanding of who your users are.
    * The hover effects on the “Lightweight Footprint” bullets are buggy and distracting.
    * Text on all pages except the homepage are Black on white, which is just weird. It’s like the content was iframed in.
    * The two navigation panels at the top are fighting for attention.
    * anti-aliasing on the logo looks a little off.
    * Information Hierarchy needs work

    jQuery helps us work faster, better, and have more fun doing it. You can make jQuery yours by extending it and writing your own functionality is cake. Empowerment and flexibility are really what you should be conveying, not “Javascript Rockstar”. So what kinds of colors and themes Make people feel empowered and agile? Don’t go for “cool” factor. That comes from the emphasis on the values that jQuery brings.

    I’d probably try something with green accents but that’s just my first impression. Stick to a lighter design. jQuery UI can be more distinct. I feel that helps cause jQuery UI is buggy, unrefined, and flawed. The different Design helps say, “jQuery UI is not to be confused with the awesome library jQuery”

    Don’t get me wrong, I love jQuery. That’s why I feel so betrayed by what has transpired.

    Also, Mootools switches to white so we go black?

  6. hi rey,

    Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity for feedback. Here are my comments

    1./ first impression: glad to see more investment on style in this geek niche ! Nice to see this try to set for a different personality with the rock star character. At last, some risks !

    2./ I loved the old devo hat logo and i’ll miss it. I understand the new one is the devo hat too, but it’s less recognizable. Should i add that i’m a big devo fan ??

    3./ the association between jquery and the rock star is nice for surprise effect. Yet, i feel that banner should be changing all the time, as a running joke, giving it a different importance. otherwise you got the devo hat, the jquery logo and a rock star character all playing on the same level of branding, that ‘s a bit too much branding i’d say. Besides, the jquery logo type does not match the “rock star” message, it’s much more classical, amost that of AT&T or IBM. Personally I find this triple combination chaotic. You should settle for one styling / branding / image, and stick to it, enforce it, not dilute it.

    3./ Yet, the biggest complain i have is that the jquery example on the homepage staggers (winxp sp3 + ff3 on a powerful machine here) so it doesn’t match up to the “rock star” idea.

    That’s all for me. I should add that overall i’m glad you redesigned, particulary in term of typography and color, it’s much more comfortable than before. Keep them coming and congratz to all involved !

  7. Bruce Alrighty

    My complaints are:

    To dark, makes the user feel like jQuery is hard to learn and not accessible.
    The banner illustration is appealing to the wrong crowd, punks instead of programmers.
    The tooltips cover the words below, causing confusion.

  8. cris

    i think the new design looks a bit like the mootools site but anyway, it is truly ugly and i dont gobe all your talk like ‘oh we wanted to come up with something that would push the boundaries’ dudes stop talking shite. learn a bit how to do something simple(the old jQ site) or something that looks like good graphic design(serious and classy)

  9. Aditya


    While the preview this is really cool, is it possible for you to share how to add this comment without, refreshing the page? I am really looking for such a tutorial using PHP and ajax or any other technology.


  10. The new design is Great compared to the old one. The design looks professional, clean and the new LOGO is absolutely beautiful!

  11. docs.jquery.com seems pretty badly broken in IE7.

  12. Joe

    Hi. This comment is quite late but.. why not ?
    As a graphic designer, concerned by type and identity design, I can’t do anything else than considering that the jquery new logo is a real error. It looks like a 80’s hi-fi logo, with that silly rY and its techno-styled type… That’s quite a strange choice.
    I hope (as a user of this awesome library) that jquery will keep on being the “future of web design”. And that it will live for years. But I don’t think this logo is built for years.
    The pitfall of 2.0-like graphics has been avoided, but this redesign is far from being as good as the last evolutions of the library.
    Quite a bitter comment. A shame. I really like using jquery. The doc is not perfect, but quite well usable ; the dark backgrounds and colors are idenfying. But this logo…

    PS : Thanks for this website, it’s design, examples and ideas.

  13. iain

    Why is the jquery website completely broken in IE7, I’d have thought the very first thing todo when planning a redesign would be to make sure it works in all browsers. I really want to use jquery in some cases instead of mootools, however i cannot bring myself to use a product that’s website is in such poor shape.

  14. Gangster88

    It might have something to do with the length of the posts currently on the main page. ,

  15. Looks fine in IE7 to me.

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