Great Ways to Learn jQuery

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These jQuery resources will set you on the path towards mastering jQuery.

Written Articles


  • jQuery Fundamentals – open-source e-book written by Rebecca Murphey in collaboration with other well-known members of the jQuery community.
  • jQuery Enlightenment – Cody Lindley’s e-book covers advanced topics on jQuery with links to working code examples in jsbin.

jQuery Books

  • jQuery Cookbook – collaborative book by many jQuery team members with recipes on many jQuery topics.
  • Learning jQuery 1.3 – walkthrough of learning the jQuery JavaScript library through hands-on examples and explanations. Authored by Karl Swedberg & Jonathan Chaffer
  • jQuery Reference 1.4 – practical examples of the entire jQuery 1.4 API. Authored by Karl Swedberg & Jonathan Chaffer
  • jQuery in Action 2nd edition – a fast-paced introduction to jQuery that will take your JavaScript programming to the next level. Authored by Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz.
  • jQuery UI 1.7 – Build highly interactive web applications with ready-to-use widgets from the jQuery User Interface library. Authored by Dan Wellman.


Learning Screencasts

Attend a training course

Hire a Corporate jQuery Trainer

  • appendTo Training – the jQuery company offers corporate training.
  • Rebecca Murphey – started the open-source e-book jQuery Fundementals and is a member of the yayQuery podcast.
  • Karl Swedberg – wrote the Learning jQuery books and runs this website.
  • Marc Grabanski – creator of the jQuery UI Datepicker project and blogger.
  • Ordered List – all around great guys, creators of the Harmony CMS, and active speakers and writers.


jQuery Meetups

Another great way to learn more jQuery is to start or join a jQuery Meetup. Check to see if there is a meetup near you, and if not, start one!


More Resources

Other Blogs

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  1. One more in-person class in Washington, DC on August 14 & 15, just $300 during early bird pricing:

  2. Jim

    Another good screencast that helped me a lot with jQuery is this one on using Firebug.

  3. Thank you for the excellent compilation. Loved your “jQuery Essentials” presentation.

  4. thiago

    The slide shows are in Flash? Thumb down on this one

    • thiago: Not only are the first presentations by John Resig in straight HTML/JavaScript, but all of the slide shows are available via PDF download.

      Please also keep in mind you are choosing to complaining about two flash objects embedded in the post, yet are ignoring the fact that there is 60+ other links to resources on this article that you can learn from.

    • chavez

      UMAD! sit back, relax and have a peach snapple… Try thanking someone for their hard work once in a while… AMIRITE?

      Cheers Marc!

  5. Pretty great round up Marc. Thanks.

  6. Awesome jQuery-Collection, thx for sharing!
    But I have an addition to your 5 jQuery Books: jQuery: Novice to Ninja (Sitepoint)

  7. Great work man. Lots of good stuff. Thanks a lot for the post!

  8. This is really amazing guide to learn jQuery. I really appreciated who made this slides.

    Thanks buddy!

  9. This is gold. Thanks Mark for the great selection!

    I aggree with suggestion of adding jQuery: Novice to Ninja (Sitepoint) to the book list.

    (Keep an eye today on as it may become free to download for the next 24 hours only.)

  10. It’s a bit missleading (and funny too) the title you gave to Remy Sharp’s presentation “write more do a lot less“, which should be in fact “write a bit more, do lots more

  11. Good Stuff!

    Thanks a lot!!

  12. LD

    Thanks a lot.

  13. This is great thanks, been abit of a newbie to jQuery this is a great help.

  14. great authoring, clear and simple to follow, thanks for write this ..

  15. Guff Derito

    Nice collection. For and jquery development, I think this book can be added to the list

  16. Verndale

    Great post, thanks! How do you feel about using jQuery over Flash? We tried to write about it here:

  17. I am new to jQuery and wanted to implement calendar controls for my program. Thanks to this article, I am able to learn and implement calendar controls

  18. A very complete list. Should help me out lots.

  19. I’m a huge jquery fan and I’m constantly working out new ways to learn it and get more out of the framework. I have the “Jquery: Novice to Ninja” at home I’m starting to go through.

  20. Nirav

    Dude….. 30 days to learn JQuery with Jeffrey Way \m/

  21. This is really superb!! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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